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Divorce is a difficult thing to grapple with. For the most part, nobody goes into a marriage with the intent of separating, so when it comes to deciding whether or not to split from a spouse, it can be emotionally taxing. People going through a divorce often think, "How did it come to this point?" or "Could I have done anything to prevent it?" This site was created for divorcing couples in Sandy, UT to recognize their legal options, Sandy divorce attorneys available, and other resources they can use to help them in the process. It also exists to help people who are contemplating divorce and to give them access to information that will help them along in their decision of whether or not this is something the wish to pursue.


There are several reasons a couple may contemplate divorce and several more that may have lead those couples to such a decision. If you are deciding whether a separation from your spouse is right for you, consider the different aspects that cause divorce and if any of these problems may be manageable before consulting a divorce attorney in Sandy.



It shouldn't come as much of a shock to people that the leading cause for divorce is often extra-marital affairs and infidelity. The hurt and betrayal for either spouse is often enough end their marriage and relationship. To avoid infidelity, the best thing to do is strengthen your emotional and physical relationship with your spouse. The likelihood of developing an emotional and physical relationships with another person goes down when you have a strong relationship in your marriage.


Money always seems to be a point of contention with couples, and it is so emotionally-charged that it is usually the second most influencing factors in a separation. The stress of a financial situation, disagreements about budgets and shopping, and many other money-centric issues can often lead to breaking points in marriages. 

Verbal Arguments

Spouses who commonly argue with each other when they disagree often build up hostile feelings toward one another because arguing is often cyclical. As a couple argues, they feel hurt and resentful. When they feel hurt and resentful, they often argue more, leading to more hurt and resentfulness. At some point, all of that comes to a head when one or both spouses decides they are no longer able to take the pain anymore. The best way to avoid this is to simply be empathetic, to apologize, recognize responsibility on both sides, and work on individual reactions to different situations that usually engender discontent.

Lacking Intimacy

Whether it is physical or emotional, when couples lose intimacy in their relationship, it often ends in divorce. While sex is often at the forefront, that is usually only an effect of losing other types of connections. This lack of connection in different ways can also lead to unfaithfulness or resentfulness.


If divorce is in the horizon, consider your options and remember to hire a Sandy divorce attorney to help you through the process.

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